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Default The Wolves of Manchester Part 3

The next morning, Bud had the twins get their rifles out of the truck as he poured the morning coffee into plastic cups. While they drank, he told them how to hunt Squirrels.
Squirrels are much smarter than most folks think. They gather the nuts for the winter and hide them in the stone walls. They can hear you before you see them, and as soon as they do they head for the nearest tree to hide in. Then when you show up, they move to the opposite side of the tree where you can’t see them.
But you can fool them if one of you stands still, and the other slowly walks circles around the base of the tree. When you do this, the squirrel will move to the side where it is exposed and is an easy target to kill.
Now one of you gets to kill the first squirrel as your brother walks around the tree. So who gets the first shot? I think the best way to decide is a shooting match...He took the empty plastic cup, walked 50 paces, and stuck it in the crotch of an oak tree. That´s your target men, He said as he pointed to the small white circle that was the cups bottom. The one who put a bullet closest to the center gets to shoot first.
Both Karl and Kevin loved to compete with each other, and were already taking their rifle out of gun cases. Then they began to argue who was going to shoot first.
Bud immediate put an end to the squabble between the twins when he said. Karl you were the first out of your mother’s womb that makes you the oldest. Do you want to shoot first or second?
Karl said. My younger brother can decide, and he hugged him. Kevin laughed, then smiled and pointed at his brother. You are the oldest brother, you should go first. That was the moment that the twins bonded into one person and the moment the Brothers of the Wolf truly became a pack. Each one took their shot and both hit the center of the target. Bud was amazed and started to tell them to shoot again. Then the twins spoke in unison.
We have decided that the one who sees the first squirrel will have the first kill. They asked for the hunting knife, took the box of cartridges, and left their father standing there open mouth, as they turned and walked arm in arm into the woods.
Bud finished the coffee and started to fold the tarp when he heard two shots, then two more, followed by eerie howls and wild maniacal laughter. He froze, trying to find a logical reason for the sounds coming from the woods.
When the twins came running into the camp, each one held a gutted bloody squirrel’s body, and they had smeared its blood over their faces and arms. Then they showed their father the severed tails.
Dad!! We got our first trophies. That was the frightening moment when Bud realized that he had taught his sons not about hunting squirrels, but to kill for the pleasure of it.
Not knowing what else to do. He yelled at the both of them.
What in the hell have you done? I took you here to hunt not to butcher. You take those squirrels with you. Go to the lake, and wash off that blood then throw their bodies away. I will put the guns away. Then we are going home.
Bud reminded them. We will never mention this to your mother. You are her joy and she loves you with all of her heart. If she found out what you two did today it would destroy her completely. Do you understand me? We are family and we stick together no matter what. They both spoke at the same time. OK dad, we were only having fun. We are sorry, but we are keeping the tails.
Once they were in the truck Bud said, I am glad you two understand how much hurt you will cause to your mother. You can keep the tails and I will forget this ever happened. But, I want you to promise me to keep this a secret from her and help her in the shop.
When they arrived at Rosebuds, Rosalie Gustavo was in the kitchen. There were dozens of cookies baking. Fresh apple pies and muffins sat on racks cooling and a pile of pots and pans in the sink. The twins took their bloody trophies and guns down to their basement room, put them in the closet and then returned to the kitchen. They kissed their mother then began to clean up the sink.
Rosalie beaming with pride looked at Bud and said. We have raised two wonderful boys .I am so proud of them. Then she went over to where they stood smiling in all their innocence, and smothered them in her motherly love.
All summer and into the Christmas season Karl and Kevin helped her in the restaurant. They took orders, cooked burgers, washed floors, and dishes, took out the garbage and stole her money from the cash register.
After New Year’s Rosebuds closed for a much needed vacation. Bud and Rosalie told them that they were going to Florida for ten days of sunshine, rest, and a visit to Disney World.
Bud gave Karl the keys to the Buick and asked him to drive them to the Manchester airport. With Kevin sitting in front next to his brother, Rosalie and Bud held hands and admired how well their sons had grown into such nice and polite men. When the Buick stopped in front of the departure gate, Bud gave them four hundred dollars to tide them over until they returned. The twins thanked him, then opened their doors and took their luggage out of the trunk.
Rosalie hugged each of them, and told them how much she loved them, and made them promise not to stay out too late. As Bud carried their luggage to be checked in, Rosalie blew her boys a last kiss.
When the twins drove away she did not hear them howl like the wolves they had become.
Marsha Callahan was one the school girls who frequented Rosebuds and the twins found her sexually arousing...They tried flirting with her every time she came there with her friends.
She was six feet tall and the top student in her class. She was also leader of the girl’s basket ball team, and the best runner on the girls track team. At school she found the twins to be repulsive and was not afraid to tell them so in front of her friends. She humiliated them to the point that the twins decided to terrorize her.
They began to follow her, and soon knew where she lived and her daily routine of jogging along the river each evening before sunset. They would wait for her to pass. Then run behind her barking, howling and whistling. Their plan failed miserably. Marsha was not intimidated in the least.
She would stop, turn around and laugh at them, stick her index finger high into the air and shout; you two morons need to grow up. Then she would turn and run so fast that the twins were left behind in angry muted silence.
She was however, concerned that if she told her very protective father about the twins he might stop her from jogging each evening. So she said nothing to him about it. Besides she was very sure that she could easily control them.
The next evening Marsha jogged, but there were no howls behind her. Satisfied that she had put an end to their nonsense she ran every evening. What she did not know was.
The Brothers of the Wolf had gone to hunt elsewhere.
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