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Default Dead Deer and Smile Cookies

The most famous ski lodge in the state is Cannon Mountain; where on a clear day one can see four states and Canada. It was the one I picked to begin my glowing and boring review. I had written this same article every winter for the last six years and my mind and heart was not in it. Nor was I enthusiastic when I finished articles on Mountain Club of the Loon, Breton Woods or Tuckerman’s Ravine. It took me twelve hours to write basically the same uninspired drivel about all ten lodges that I had written last year, but they paid the paper and it paid my salary.
My moral improved as I put the first draft into a folder, then I put the newspaper in my briefcase, and thought of all the fine Hotels, and restaurants that I would enjoy on the Manchester Union Leaderīs expense account, while I was photographing the lodges, lifts, ski and gift shops, and interviewing the tourists with broken legs and arms during the next week.
When I opened the door the bouquet of cinnamon, brown sugar toasted hazel nuts coming from the kitchen made my mouth water. I knew instantly that Sylvia and her mother were baking Smile Cookies. I stopped in the hall, took off my mackinaw, boots and scarf and. put my briefcase down.
I hope you girls are baking those for me to take to the mountains tonight.
Sylvia ran up to me and gave me a warm welcome home hug.
No daddy. These are the samples that I am taking to Rosebuds tomorrow. Mom has fixed a nice stew for tonight and I will let you have one cookie for dessert.
After supper and a cookie, I said, Bev I have a story to tell you while our daughter packageīs her cookies. Will you come into the den; I have something I want you to read. And then I want your opinion.
When we were settled on the sofa I said. You remember when you ask me what Scott meant when he asked me about wolves. Well I think now it the time to tell you. I told her about my conversation with Scott on the lake and how he was going to commit suicide. And that he believes his daughter’s spirit intervened, and that she was murdered by human wolves that prey on humans and deer. Then I gave her the newspaper and waited for her comment. And I was not surprised when she said.
Well Bill, this is all very interesting. But I don’t think it proves anything, two teenage boys frightening a girl is not unusual. I do think that they were wearing wolf like masks is a strange coincidence .but is not enough to call for their indictment in the case of a school girl that has vanished and not been seen since she left her school to go to a tennis match. Besides there are no deer involved. I do think that you should send a copy of this to Scott as you promised him you would keep him informed.
Now you need to pack for your trip to ski country. And I need to help Sylvia make Smile coolies. Tomorrow is her big day and she is so excited, we are taking the first two dozen over to Rosebuds. Wish her luck before you leave, Drive carefully, stay away from all those snow bunnies and don’t eat too much gourmet food.
It was 10mpm when I checked into The Mountain Club on the Loon Resort Hotel.

With their father’s advice, his twin boys were soon driving a two ton dump truck, salting and plowing New Hampshire’s narrow back roads. It did not take them long to notice how many deer came out of the woods to lick salt and eat the uncovered grass and willow twigs.
They took Karl’s rifle, hid it behind the trucks seat and put the hunting knife in the glove box. By the end of their first month’s employment they had poached three deer, cut off the tails, left the carcass to rot and hung the tails in their trophy cabinet.
Chris Callahan decided that he wanted to join law enforcement a year after his cousin joined the State Police.
He was a devoted husband, father to two beautiful girls that he adored, and he loved the outdoor life. He decided to study for a position with the New Hampshire Fish and Game. He excelled in biological science and game management and after his training he became a game warden who did not tolerate law breakers and he despised poachers. In the ten years he has dedicated to enforcing the game laws he has caught hundreds of violators, most of them minor infractions, Fishing or hunting without a license the most common. Many deer poachers were out of work men who were in need of meat to feed their families, and there had been a few cases he had failed to report them. Now he was determined to find the one who had been killing for no other reason, but to cut off the tails. All the deer had been killed by an expert marksman, and a 22 caliber bullet fired into their brain.
He had been on look out near Lake Massabesic from three A.M till sunrise for two weeks. From his vantage point he had a good view of both Loon Island and the roads that encircled the entire lake. When he saw headlights across the lake, he examined the slow moving vehicle with his binoculars, and recognized it was a State Highway truck. What he found unusual was that it had its spotlight on and seemed to be examining the nearby woods. He decided to investigate,
In the truck the twins had made plans to kill the first deer they saw .Karl sat next to the open window with the rifle, as Kevin drove and searched with the spotlight. When they reached the intersection of route four and the highway back to Manchester, they had not found a victim and gave up the hunt.
They turned around, shut off the spot light and were heading home when Chris Callahan fell in behind them and turned on his blue lights. Karl told his brother to slow down as he put the rifle behind the seat. Once it was out of sight they pulled over, and stopped, rolled down the window and turned on the dome light and waited.
Callahan got out of a new Jeep Cherokee and walked up to the truck where he was greeted by a smiling teenager.
The reason I stopped you is your spotlighting. May I see your driving license, and can you explain why you were using a spotlight.
Kevin answered. Not a problem sir and he handed him his license. It is part of our job. We were looking for pot holes and fallen trees to take care of...
Still suspicious, Callahan asked if he could look in the back of the truck. Kevin laughed as he said, help yourself; there is nothing to see but tools and a pile of roadside trash.
Finding nothing out of the ordinary, he returned to the truck’s cab to return the drivers license. When he handed it to Kevin, he realized the passenger was his exact double. He could not keep the surprise out of his voice when he said. Are you two twins?
Both Karl and Kevin spoke in unison. Yes sir. We are the only identical twins working for the State of New Hampshire Highway Department.
When they drove away they howled with insane laughter and glee, and talked about how lucky they were to be brothers, and decided that it was too risky to kill another deer for a while.

After five days of taking photos, and conducting interviews, I returned from the White Mountain lodges. I found my daughter and wife in a state of delirious enthusiasm. The kitchen counters were covered with Smile Cookies, mixing bowls, baking sheets, and the Kitchen Aid mixer was whipping out another batch of dough. My return was definitely of secondary importance. Hoping to gain attention I went over and kissed my wife and daughter, and announced.
I am home girls, and boy did I have a great time. I met the most interesting and sexy snow bunny.
We spent hours getting to know each other, while we dined on Maine lobster and drank pink champagne. They both stopped for a brief moment to finally look at me.
Then Beverly said .That’s nice dear, would you please give me the vanilla extract and then stay out of our way. Misses Gustavo has just ordered eight dozen cookies for this Saturday and as we have finished our supper, you will have to fix something for yourself. I think there may be some bread, bologna, cheese, and beer in the fridge, and stay away from these cookies.
To be continued
"What a large volume of adventures may be grasped within this little span of life by him who interests his heart in everything"-Lawrence Sterne
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