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Default The Wolves of Manchester

Clarence Callahan now was sure that the Gustavo twins were the ones that had slaughtered the deer.
He called his cousin and they decided to meet on Sunday after church, to try and find a way to prove it. When they were seated in Clarence“s office he unfolded the targets, pointed to the bullet holes and said. There is no doubt these two can kill a deer with one shot to the head. Is there any chance that the bullets can be recovered and analyzed Chris?
Chris slowly shook his head as he said .Not a chance, the bodies were cremated months ago, however let“s look at the bright side. At least I now know who I am looking for. What they look like, where they live, work, and what they drive. And we have their finger prints on file.
They will want to kill again, and when they do I will be able nail them. The only thing we can do now is be patient and wait.

Bud Gustavo lay in the intensive care unit.
He had an oxygen mask on and was breathing much better. The pain and shortness of breath he was feeling had subsided. As the nurse took his blood pressure she spoke in a calming voice, and told him that he was going to be fine. That he would recover with time and rest.
When the twins arrived, they were told that they could see their father after his doctor consulted with them.
Doctor Janus Redding entered the waiting room, and she could not keep the surprised look from showing. Never had she seen two humans that looked exactly alike. And when they said hello, even their voices were the same.
She explained that their father had suffered coronary blockage from the plaque that had built up the artery that allows blood to flow to his heart. Suddenly the twins began to cry.
Doctor Redding waited until they regained their composure .Then she explained that their father was asleep and going into surgery where she would perform a bypass operation to repair the blocked artery. Then he will need time for his heart muscles to recover. He will have to be cared for when he goes home. But in four months he will be fine. Is there anything else that I can do for you?
Karl asked if she would call their mother and explain to her their father’s condition, and reassure her that their father would be fine. And that they would soon be home, after getting a leave of absence from work. Then they looked in on their sleeping father. As they were about to leave, Doctor Redding said. You two are wonderful kind caring sons and your Dad is so lucky to have you.

I was writing a story about the horse races at Rockingham Park, when Scott Pinkerton called to thank me for sending him the article about Wolves in Manchester. I told him that Beverly did not think it had anything to do with his daughter“s disappearance as it had nothing to do with deer. Still, I wanted him to know that we thought about him, that my daughter“s Smile cookies were a success, and she prayed every day for her name sister.
I asked him how he was doing. He told me that he had stopped drinking, and had met someone he was seeing on a regular basis and when he returned to New Hampshire she would be accompanying him.
I congratulated him, and then hung up the phone and went back to writing.

Rosalie thought she was going to have a nervous breakdown while she waited for her boys to come home. The call from the hospital and Doctor Redding did little to calm her. The only thing that would do that was to have her beautiful children home with her .She was sitting in her kitchen weeping when they finally walked in.
They went to her and put their arms around her, and kissed her as they both said. Don’t cry mama. Dad is going to be fine .We are taking a leave of absence and we will stay home and help you take care of him, and help you run the restaurant for as long as you need us.
After Rosalie calmed down and her tears stopped, she remembered the barrette and showed to her sons. “This is so beautiful. Where did you get it?”
Karl took it from her; he looked at it as if he had never seen it before. Then Kevin said.” I completely forgot about that. I found it by a ditch we were cleaning and I thought you would like to have it Mom..”.
A smile appeared on Rosalie“s broad face as she hugged Kevin and told him how wonderful and thoughtful he was.

I was home editing the photos of the many unusual stone structures that I had taken. Beverly and Sylvia were out delivering another order of Smile Cookies to Rosebuds, when Scott Pinkerton called to tell me that he was back in New Hampshire with Pamela his lady friend.
He invited us to come out to the lake Saturday afternoon for lunch and a swim.
Then I remembered that Sylvia“s thirteenth birthday was this Friday, and I mentioned it to him.
He was silent for a moment, then he said, that’s great Bill, when you come out Saturday we can have a surprise birthday party for her. I am sure that Pamela knows how to bake and decorate a birthday cake.
She is from Biloxi Mississippi with a distinct accent. A very southern woman, and her heart is made of pure gold, Sylvia will love her.
I had just thanked Scott and said. We will see you on Saturday.
When my wife and daughter entered the house, Sylvia gave me a huge smile as she showed me the check Misses Gustavo had written in payment for the cookies they had delivered.
Then she showed me the barrette that she also gave her as a special gift. “Daddy look what Misses gave me, just because it is the first day of summer and I reminded her of a beautiful flower , Isn’t it beautiful?”
Isn’t she such a nice lady dad? She told me that her son Kevin had found it in a ditch, and she wanted me to have it because she never would wear it.
Oh daddy! Today I feel so very rich. Look at the amount I was paid for my Smile Cookies. And it is all because Mr. Scott said that they were so good, I hope that I can thank him one day."
I could only wonder how the Fates conspire, as I said .We are going to see him this Saturday, daughter dearest, you can thank him then.
When we arrived at Scott“s home, we found him sitting on the dock holding hands with a slender fair skinned blonde, dressed in blue jeans and a bright blue pullover sweater and with her bare feet dangling in the water. I said, Well Scott, it looks like you finally put a hook on your line and have caught a beauty.
As they got up, I held out my hand and shook hers .I am Bill Joyce, and this is my wife Beverly and my daughter Sylvia. Welcome to New Hampshire.
She said. " I am Pamela Claudel, thank you for coming out to visit."
It only took a minute before the women were chatting as if they had known each other for years. Sylvia gave Scott a box of her cookies, thanked him for his inspiration and then told him how big a success they were. It was when she turned to follow her mother that he saw the barrette, and his heart skipped a beat. He calmly asked. Sylvia, may I see your barrette, and where did you get it?
Sylvia said, Isn“t it beautiful? Misses Gustavo gave it to me… She put her hand up to the hair and touched the Silver and turquoise barrette then removed it, and gave it to Scott.
Scott looked carefully at it. He turned it over, and when he saw the maker’s name
J. Cortez, Taxco MX.
He was positive that it was the one he had given his daughter the Christmas before she vanished.
He pressed it to his lips, sat down and felt the tears form in his sad eyes.
Sylvia immediately sensed that something was terribly wrong. She asked, Mr. Scott what is the matter? He could not answer her, so strong was the grief he felt that he was mute.
She cried, Mom Please come here, something is wrong with Mr. Scott!!
Pamela came to his side and sat next to him. She put her arms around his shaking body and whispered to him. "Scott what is wrong? Can you please tell me why you are crying darling?"
Finally, he took a deep ragged breath, handed her the barrette and said. This was my daughters, I had it made for her when I went to Taxco with a friend. I gave it to her the Christmas before she disappeared.
I am going to Manchester and confront this woman, and demand she explain how she got it. Then he got up and started to leave the dock.
Sylvia took his hand, as she told him that Misses Gustavo had explained to her that her son found if by a ditch he was cleaning, and had given it to her.

That is when I said ."Scott that is one of the boys I sent you the article about Wolves in Manchester. I think we need to talk to Detective Sergeant Callahan of the State police before you do anything. Let me call him first and tell him about the barrette and see what he has to say."
Clarence Callahan was at his usual place, filling out accident reports and cursing the stupidity of intoxicated drivers when I called him.
He listened with interest when I told him that my call was about Sylvia Pinkerton and the barrette that one of the Gustavo twins had found, and that her father was positive that it was hers. He asked me to put Scott Pinkerton on the line.
When he questioned him .He wanted to know how he could be sure that the barrette was his daughters. Scott explained that he had had it made in Taxco and it was a one of a kind handmade piece, and it has the makers name stamped on it.
Then the Sergeant Callahan told him .You must not get involved. We have been investigating these twins for months. I personally want to find a way to put them away for a very long time and I want to do it by the book. I understand how frustrated you must feel. But if you become involved you will jeopardize our investigation. Please have confidence in me. It will take time, but they will be caught and punished to the full extent of the law. This I can promise you.
Now you try to relax and get on with your life, and leave this to me and the police. Remember that these SOB“s tried to hurt my daughter also, and I want to see them caught as badly as you do.
Scott decided to tell him about his attempt to commit suicide and the appearance of the doe next to him. And how he felt that it was his daughter telling him to look for the ones who were slaughtering deer and he would find the ones who murdered her.
"Sergeant, I know this is most likely my imagination and caused by stress. But have there been deer killed for no reason?"
Although Callahan knew the answer he said.” I have no idea, but I will find out.”
After he hung up the phone he called Chris.
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