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Default Merry Christmas to everyone

December 17 2020
Snow in Apache Creek and The people without shoes
I was not quite asleep and I could hear the radio. A man telling about the heavy snowfall that came to Apache Creek that night and unrest now taking place in my home town. He described the mass of citizens protesting the new regulation that was about to be put in place to prevent them from leaving their homes because of the weather and plague that was affecting everyone’s life here and around the world.
He went on to read a transcript of this edict from the newly elected president. “All persons who work for wages and have not contributed to the new political power now in office. Shall be restricted to their homes for their own well being .To make sure this new ruling is followed, all the working class individuals are forbidden from wearing shoes and must go about their daily lives only in Government provided yellow rubber sandals or bare feet. People who work in companies that are government approved and wear suits and ties can wear shoes. Owners of small independent business that have paid all the taxes and permits and also wear suits are allowed to wear one shoe and a yellow sandal and stocking on the other foot. The new government has established a special branch of observers and overseers to make sure that these rules and the mandatory, wearing masks are enforced. We are very sorry to tell you that Christmas is to be canceled until next year. Naturally these are temporary restriction and are only for the safety and welfare of our citizens and will be amended once we are all safe from this dark winter that is upon us.”
That is when I remembered that I did not own a radio and I was in America not China. Then I heard my wife tell me that it was snowing and I should get up to see how beautiful the town of Apache looked all covered with pure white snow.
To hell with it, I must be having a bad dream I thought, and went back to sleep.
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